About Me

Hi, my full name is Kassandra Hansen, but I have always gone by Kassie. I was born on June 25 in 1997. Although I was born in Regina, I grew up around Lumsden, a small town outside of the city. My home consists of a small farm and is located about 10 minutes outside of Lumsden. I believe this background has shaped who I am today for a variety of reasons. One, growing up on a farm, I have been able to establish a specific set of principles and values. Within this set, I recognize the importance of hard work and how it transfers into success. Furthermore, tasks on the farm, such as caring for animals, has given me a sense of responsibility. In addition to this, going to school in a small town has also shaped me. Growing up with the same, small group of people has allowed me to learn about long-term connections and relationships with others. Also, given the small student population, I was able to learn more about each one of my peers. In doing so, I have recognized the importance of taking the time to learn more about individual people. Fortunately, these principles and values will transfer over to my career as a teacher and how I treat students within the classroom.

In regards to my desire to become a teacher, there have been two reasons that have fueled this passion. One, I have always had a strong love for children. Having a younger sibling has definitely influenced this. Throughout the years, I have developed great patience and understanding for children. I also admire that most children are curious and desire to learn more about the world. As a future teacher, I want to take hold of that curiosity and effectively teach students important subjects that they will take with them for the rest of their lives. In doing so, I hope to mold my students into effective members of society. Of course, I am in Secondary Education and will be with teenagers rather than young children. However, I will still apply a similar attitude as I desire to teach and aid those younger than me. A second reason for my desire to teach is that I have a great passion for history. It has always been a subject of interest to me, and one that I have been able to learn easier than others. During my time in school, I had an excellent history teacher who was helpful, kind, and caring. He was beyond knowledgeable of the content he was teaching, and his passion for history was always visible. Due to this, I was able to effectively learn about the material given, as his enthusiasm enhanced my own. In contrast, I had a few other teachers that did not display such passion when teaching and it definitely caused me to be less involved with the class. Due to these experiences, I have always wanted to be a passionate teacher that engages her students to learn efficiently by making the content more interesting. Altogether, I have differing reasons for why I want to become a teacher, but combined, these reasons have driven me to where I am in my university career.